The Comming

The End Of The Beginning

Haywater, a small but growing town, south of the Great city of Grundercin and east of the Dark forests of Sin. Fueled with hunger and lust for greed in this growing econemy. Butt little know about the wickedness that lies near there humble town know in ancient times as the Shadowfell

In a society of shortcomings and much to gain from it, dwells the harsness of reality. The reality of The Comming. The Comming can only be described as the dark time that is profisized to come.


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Echoes of Thunderspire Labyrinth


Wynn Longsaddle (Adventure Book One, page 17) is a messenger for the Mages of Saruun and carries messages through the Khel Vale. Recently, gargoyles have been harassing her travels along the road.
_“In the past few weeks, my travels on the Vale Road have been plagued by stone flying creatures. They descend from atop Thunderspire and try to steal the messages and supplies I carry. I spoke to the vale’s other inhabitants, and they report similar problems. I suspect these creatures are acting at the behest of the shadar-kai witch, Denoa, who occupies the Sunset Tower. The Mages of Saruun refuse to act, so please, can you help put a stop to these attacks?
Wynn can only offer 100 gp as reimbursement for the PCs’ help, but if the characters travel to the tower and eliminate the threat, the party also receives 1,000 quest XP. Wynn can provide directions to the tower.

h3. The damp chambers that lie beneath the Labyrinth are known as the cisterns, and they contain dangerous Underdark creatures. Vadriar the Sage (Adventure Book One page 17), while exploring the cisterns, discovered a troglodyte cult of Torog seeking to develop a ritual to collapse the upper levl of the Labyrinth. A curse that the troglodyte shaman bestowed on him prevents him from speaking of the cult’s plans, but he does say the following to the characters when they speak to him.

“A great evil lies in the cisterns, and if it is not stopped, it could mean our doom! The source of evil is—” Before Vadriar can identify the source, his jaw seized and looked physically incapable of speaking any further… “In my eagerness for help, I forgot about the curse,” he says. “I cannot speak of what this peril is, but I can show you. If you accompany me to the cisterns, perhaps we can avert this calamity.”
Vadriar cannot pay the PCs for their services, but he appeals to their goodwill. If the PCs agree to help, then he takes them to the cisterns and shows them the location of the cult. He avoids battle, and once the PCs defeat the troglodyte shaman, he explains the full details of the cult’s machinations. The party receives 1,250 quest XP for helping to quash the cult’s plans.


If the characters hire Terrlen Darkseeker (Adventure Book One, page 17) to help guide them through the Labyrinth, then they witness his lycanthropic transformation. When he transforms, read the following:+

The body of the man before you begins to shudder, and hair sprouts from his skin as he transforms into a beast. Terrlen cries out, “What—what’s happening to me? Oh gods, what’s going on?” A moment later, his words become snarls as he turns on you and attacks.

When the party defeats Terrlen, his body reverts to human, and he is left alive at 1 hit point (provided the characters don’t just finish him off ). When the characters inquire about his condition, he says.
“Transformed into a beast you say? I don’t remember anything, but from my condition, it must be true. Lately when I venture into the Labyrinth, large pieces of my memory go missing. It all started when I explored the crypts in the House of Silence. Now that I think on it, something happened there. I discovered a bronze disk, and when I looked upon it, I was overcome with rage. Perhaps that is the cause of my affliction. I beg you, please help me break this curse.”
Terrlen can provide directions to the House of Silence, and if the characters go to the House of Silence and destroy the bronze disk, it breaks the curse on Terrlen. The party receives 1,000 quest XP.


If the characters recover the skull scepter as part of the Treasure Seeker adventure hook (Adventure Book One, page 14), Gendar offers another challenging quest. When characters bring the scepter, he says: “So, you recovered the scepter. You must be reasonably competent. I have another job for you. There is an object located in a place called the Court of Bones. The object is a multifaceted crystal, and while not magical, I wish to acquire it for my collection. Are you interested?” Gendar offers to pay them 250 gp for the item’s recovery. With a DC 15 Diplomacy check, he can be persuaded to offer 500 gp instead. Once the characters agree, he provides directions to the Court of Bones (Adventure Book One, page 17). He warns that another denizen of the Labyrinth, a wight named Az’Al’Bani, is also searching for the court.

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